Here We Go Again

I swore I never wanted to hear the words “You have cancer” again.  I was 37 when I heard it the first time.  I’m 43 and today I have heard it for the second time.

I had been having issues with my stomach for many months and had lost both a boat load of weight and my appetite.  After a third visit to the ER, the doctor finally sent me for an ultrasound.  They found something on the ultrasound.  And my nightmare began.

They saw that it was a 14 cm mass in my pelvic area.  They suspected cancer.  I was referred to a gynecologist oncologist.  She recommended a full hysterectomy.  There went my dream of becoming a mother naturally.  I have two adopted children but have never carried a child.  Now I never will.

I had the surgery on 17 February.  I’ve been having side effects and complications ever since.  They have found nothing clinical to indicate why I’m having all these issues.  I think they just think I’m whiny.

Five years ago I had a blog called Musings of a Cancer Patient on a site that has now been shut down.  Today I was given my second diagnosis of cancer, therefore I have rebooted this blog.  Welcome to Musings of a Cancer Patient 2.0.  Here you will follow me on my journey to wellness, along with my musings on life with and without cancer.  Thank you for following my blog.  I’ll talk to you again soon.


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