Health Care Is Bad For My Health

I live in a country where health care is, essentially, free.  We don’t pay for anything.  And the quality stinks.  At least, where I am, it’s deplorable.  I’m a walking example, especially with what I’m dealing with now.

I’ve been doing research into my specific cancer.  What I am finding has angered me through and through.  I now firmly believe that this cancer was preventable, had my medical “team” given a fucking shit.

One of the signs of endometriod adenocarcinoma (my cancer) is an enlarged uterus.  I have been told that I have a bulky uterus on at least two separate occasions, by my family doctor.  He has never ordered follow up tests.  I’m sure that my gynecologist has told me about the bulky uterus as well, although I have no recollection of it.  She didn’t order up any tests either, in reference to this.  It should have been followed up on because I have dealt with it for a number of years now.

Abnormal vaginal bleeding (read: weird periods) is another sign of cancer.  I had a D&C about 3.5 years ago and nothing abnormal showed.  I call bullshit on this.  They didn’t look properly.  Cancer like what they found doesn’t grow overnight.  The tumour they removed from me was slightly smaller than a mandarin orange.  This is what a mandarin orange looks like:

mandarin orange

Now use your imagination.  Tumours don’t grow like that in three years.  My tumour is not aggressive.  To get to that size, it had to be there for five years or longer.

I’ve been going to that gynecologist for over ten years.  She was looking for something to suppress my bleeding.  She couldn’t figure out why I had so many problems with odd bleeding.  She didn’t look, that’s why.  I had laparoscopic surgery where adenomyosis and a spot of endometriosis was found.  That was our first appointment together, six weeks after the surgery when she read me the results.  After my hysterectomy, they discovered that my cervix had EXTENSIVE ENDOMETRIOSIS.  I had other issues on that report that all point to the reasons why I was having so many issues with my periods.  Yet no one looked to see if they were there.  Why?

You have no idea how let down I feel.  How angry I am.  How lost I am.  I am going through Hell now and am trying to find enough information to make an informed decision so that my life can continue.  In the meantime I am still experiencing incredible pains.  All this because my GP and my gynecologist couldn’t give enough of a shit about me to do the proper tests.

This is health care where I live.  This isn’t the first time that I have gone through something like this.  Yet this is the first time where I have had something this serious that could easily have been prevented.

This is free health care.  You sure you want it?  I don’t.  I would rather live in a country that has EXCELLENT health care, than have free health care, ANY DAY.


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