Barely Reading

I am not only going through physical pain but also emotional stuff too. And its tearing me apart.

I love to read. Its my life’s passion. I got a shit education in school and this passion fills the gap. I have experienced such joy from reading that its something I cannot accurately put into words.

Since being diagnosed with cancer and having my pain intensify, I have lost my ability to concentrate on a book. I am devastated. Books are my sole comfort and my soul comfort. I have amassed quite the collection. And yet I cannot read.

I have amassed an incredible amount of eBooks as well. Cant concentrate.

I feel like I lost a part of me. Its like the surgeon told me I had cancer and then kicked me figuratively so I couldn’t read.

I keep trying though. Dear God do I keep trying. The farthest I have been able to go is page 76 in an eBook. I couldn’t go any farther.

I have tried again. I am at page 45 of my current book. I hope and pray that I can finish it. It would make me feel so much better about myself.


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