The ER Experience

(NOTE: I wrote this originally on my phone on Saturday…this has been transferred from my phone to here…nothing has been changed).

I am writing this from my bed in the Emergency Department of my local hospital.  So far I have been yelled at, treated like a retard, had a cursory exam and blood work, a bladder scan where the nurse couldn’t find my bladder and am trying to will my body to put enough urine in my bladder to let me give a sample.

Why am I here?  I have been having bladder spasms and have been unable to sit for 2 days. Today is day 3.  Last night the spasms were so intense I was screaming. I knew I would end up in hospital. Question is, am I in the right one.

I have heard horror stories about this hospital. But they had no wait. The hospital where I had my surgery had a 3 hour wait. I went where I knew I would be seen quickly. Yet still I wait because I cant give them my body fluids. Stupid right?

I am scared out of my skull.  I don‘t feel safe. I don’t know what that cunt of a surgeon did to me. But its not good. She may have saved my life but she maimed me or disabled me in the process. Death would be welcome. Honestly. This is ridiculous.

UPDATE:  I have a bladder infection. To read back what I wrote makes me sound like a blithering idiot. Sorry. *shrug*


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