A Tough Choice

It took awhile but I have made my choice about chemo….for now. Most of you won’t agree with it. But once I explain myself, I think you will see why.

I’m putting chemo off for a month, minimum.  My reasoning has to do with my health.

Firstly, I was lied to by the nice surgeon lady.  She told me that “people are back to doing their normal activities within six weeks”.  What she neglected to tell me was these were average healthy people that the textbooks write about. I don’t fit that profile. I never have.

I have other health issues that make my body weak to start with. I have asthma, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and Fibromyalgia and that’s just to start.  None of this was taken into consideration. By anyone.

As a result, we are going into week 10 and I have suffered 9 weeks of setbacks. I’m not even strong enough to walk outside yet. I live a block away from a 7-Eleven and need a cab to get there. And the nice surgeon lady expects me to have chemo?  NO WAY. I’m not strong enough.

When I had breast cancer and they rushed me into chemo, I could feel a cold coming on.  I was told the chemo wouldn’t affect it. I had full blown pneumonia within a week. So I am starting, once again, to not trust Cancer Health Care professionals.

I will do chemo. But only when my body is ready. Not a minute before. 


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