Health “Care” System

So what is health care like in your part of the world?  Is it any good?  If you ever come to visit me, don’t get sick. It is not only a friendly warning. Its an edict to be followed closely. Stay healthy if you are here.

Health care where I live sucks shit. I know first hand. I have been shuffled along in the system for 10 years or more. Because I have multiple health issues, doctors tire of me, quickly. Or they belittle me and make me feel insignificant and small.  Or they stop giving a shit and I end up where I am today.

Why is this?  Is patient load that heavy?  Are doctors not taught the “care” part of “health care”?  And what about nurses?  I have dealt with some that were so rude I wanted to slap them. With a chair.

We just had a change in government in my town. For 19 years we have been under the thumb of a government who took a broken down system and destroyed it. I am hoping, with all my heart, that this new government can begin to mend what is sorely in need of mending. I can be contacted to be on whatever committee is needed to offer suggestions to improve this joke we call our Health Care System. Just contact me via this blog.


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